Darkest Night: Holiday Guest Post

To all my beautiful people,

Sh. I know it’s late. Don’t remind me. Keep the Christmas spirit alive, you humbugs.

Anyway, so. I was hosting a contest on my writers’ forum, Neverland, along with a few other people. The contest was themed so that each story had to be written about a writer’s characters celebrating Christmas. And if they didn’t celebrate Christmas it needed to be about what they celebrated instead, or about what they chose not to celebrate.

That said, one of the prizes was for the winner’s piece to be posted on this blog. This talented author is one you’ve seen before. She won the Summer 2017 blog contest in Fiction. Both pieces of fiction show excellent taste and worldbuilding skills.

On this blog, you will be able to read an excerpt of the winning Christmas short story, Darkest Night. The rest can be read at her blog, if you wish to do so. A link will be included at the end of the article for you to read it there.

Before you read this excerpt, let me tell you a little about this author (who recently changed her pseudonym) and the background of this piece so that everything makes sense:

Rachel Brandt is an author for a variety of speculative fiction pieces, particularly fantasy, horror, and realistic fiction with supernatural elements. This particular short story, Darkest Night, is set in the same world as one of her upcoming novel projects, Bone Chills, which is a middle grade portal fantasy about a girl who finds herself in a world of eternal winter surrounded by both undead creatures and beastmen. You can read the full short story over on the author’s blog Dreaming Vicariously, along with some of her other writing, opinions/reviews on different pieces of media, and essays or posts about her thoughts on writing and storytelling as a craft and other things along those lines.

Therefore, without further ado: Darkest Night.


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Author Interview: Thoughts on Marketing and Publishing With Isabella Morganthal

To all my beautiful peoples,

I keep saying things about blogging more often and whatnot and then life and NaNo and school and work and…things. That said, at least NaNo was a success. In the month of November, I managed to write over 100,000 words, primarily a novel but also other things.

That said, I’m about to post a long awaited article on publishing and marketing with a very talented young lady as my interviewee. This young lady’s name is Isabella Morganthal. You can find out more about here using the biography she included at the bottom of this interview, as well as contact her (which I highly encourage because she’s an inspirational young author) in many areas including fiction and non-fiction.

That said, I don’t want to waste any more of your time. Without further ado, I present this lengthy interview with Isabella Morganthal on the adventures of marketing, publishing, and other writery things. Enjoy!


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Author Interview: Self-Publishing With Rebekah DeVall

To all my beautiful people,

As promised, I’m starting to work on a series concerning self-publishing. Since I recently reviewed a book by a newly and successfully self-published author, I thought we might start by asking her a few questions concerning what the process was like for her as a new writer.

As mentioned before, Rebekah DeVall is a part of a missionary family. She has been writing for years, but only recently published a novel, Aveza of the Ercanhelm. Rebekah writes primarily retellings. However, this was her first published piece that was not a retelling, and it was a genuinely wonderful story.

That said, I was able to have the chance to discuss with her on several things varying from writing strategy, the writing of retellings, and the self-publishing process. We are happy to be able to share that with you today, and I hope you enjoy it.


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Book Review: Aveza of the Ercanhelm

To all my beautiful people:

Seeing as I’ve felt like doing a series on self-publishing for a while now, I’m about to start that. Yay. Finally. That said, I’m also going to start that off with this review of a new book recently published by a young lady who has started her career off through self-publishing.

Later, I will be holding an interview with her, as well as an interview with someone who works in the field of marketing for self-publishing. And hopefully some others. So in the upcoming weeks, I hope that you will find some beneficial articles that may give authors and readers alike an idea of the hard work that it takes to self-publish a book.

That said, this first review is on a book titled Aveza of the Ercanhelm. And without further ado, here it is.


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Author Interview: Liz Kay

To all my beautiful people:

It’s been a long time since I’ve done an interview with an author, but considering that I’m going to be starting a series on publishing soon, I thought this might be enjoyable for all of you. That said, the person

That said, the person I’m interviewing today is one Liz Kay. She graduated from the MFA Writing program that I now attend and is a very accomplished author with several books published, as well as poems, chapbooks, and collections of poems. Overall, a very talented lady. She also is an editor and co-founder of burntdistrict, a literary journal that I highly recommend reading.

You can learn more about her here on her website, and visit burntdistrict to see copies of it here. You can purchase her book at this link on Amazon, as well as early copies of burntdistrict.

With all of that stated, let’s get on with the show!


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Making a Mark on Eternity

To all my beautiful people,

I’ve been sitting here for quite a while now just tapping away at the keys on my keyboard and staring at them. It’s been quite a while since I’ve had to wonder what to write on my blog. Generally, I’m having to pick between ideas and try to combine and organize them. Generally, I have something on my heart that I want to write about. But today is not that day.

Today, while I have something to share, I also have a question for you, my readers. A question I want you to think on, yes. But a question that I want to see answered because I don’t think there’s a more important question on this earth.


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Writing 101: What is a Christian Writer?

To all my beautiful people:

I’m doing it again. Writing without really stopping to think before I write. So if this doesn’t make a lot of sense, someone come and shoot me.

For a brief update on life, I am newly settled in Iowa. Yay. I am back to school with 15 credit hours in my MFA. Also yay. I am working three part-time jobs. This will possibly be the death of me. I’m also writing articles for several different online journals and magazines. Which is a little more fun. Also trying to tuck some time in there for writing and family and life. Less fun. Therefore, if I don’t blog for over a month, you know that I’m in rehab for being a sadistic sociopathic work-a-holic lunatic.

(Ah Grammarly, the beautiful thing which tells me that “work-a-holic” isn’t a word. Go figure.)

Enough said there.

Anyway, I’m breaking my promise. I know my dragon babies were super cute, and I promise I’ll go back to them eventually. But I sat down to blog today and just had something on my mind and heart that I wanted to share with you.

I’ve been talking to some young and beginning writers who are Christians. Many of them doubt their work and struggle to understand what it means to join their faith with their craft. I want to address this in the article below. Not what does it mean to be a Christian writer, but what does it mean to be a writer who is a Christian.


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Writing 101: Slay Your Dragons (With Belly Rubs Because They’re Cute.)

NOTE: I wrote this at like 12am-1am. It’s obvious.

To all my beautiful people:

There are normal people, there are normal writers, there are other writers, and then there’s me. What does this general statement have to do with anything?

It has to do with this week’s blog post request. I received two. One was for something on description or on writer’s block. The second was for dragons.

Of course, most people would go “what the heck am I supposed to do with that?”. I am that person. Until Creative C.S. Taylor kicks in. Then, this happens.


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Writing 101: Character Development

To all my beautiful people:

I have found my way to Iowa. And no, I didn’t get lost or die along the way. (Which yes, if you ask my father, is a miracle of God.) I’ve settled in and begun one new part-time job that I absolutely love.

I’m working with special needs and gifted children for a tutoring service, strictly tutoring in writing, reading, and study skills. There are two really nice girls that I’ve been working with as well. (Why are elementary education students so nice??? Maybe that’s why kids love them.)

Anyway, school is back in full swing, so likely my posts will become a little more infrequent. I’m hoping to be able to post at least bi-weekly. However, I have promised myself that I WILL post at least once a month.

I promise that this article will be useful, but first I want to pass along an idea to all of you. I’ve considered for a while now doing a serial blog story. Perhaps on this blog, or perhaps one that I’ll link to it. Is that something that you, as an audience, would like to see? Or is there a type of article that I’ve done in the past (or a topic you want to be explored) that you would like to see me do more of in the future?

I would sincerely love to have your feedback, as that’s what helps me keep this blog going. (Despite some people’s opinions, I do not inhale and exhale creativity. I depend on prompting and inspiration and deadlines just like the rest of humanity.) That said, if you have thoughts on a serial story or future articles, please either email me at nevermoreemergingflame@gmail.com or post in the comments below.

That said, without further ado, I’ll get to my general point for this article and stop wasting your precious time. 😛


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Book Review: I Capture the Castle

To all my beautiful people:

It struck me as I pulled up this page to write that I’ve grown this sort of “blogging intuition.” I’ve gotten to the point where my brain doesn’t keep track, but somehow I subconsciously feel when it’s time for me to blog again.

Literally, the last several times I’ve blogged I always end up pulling up the stats page to do so on the sixth day since I last blogged. I suppose that’s either a blessing or a curse depending on how you look at it.

And honestly, sitting here and typing I don’t really know what I’m going to blog about yet. Therefore, I’ll probably just…go with it, as they say. Maybe this will be a blog post about nothing in particular. Who knows.

I suppose I need to give you all a brief life update. School residency is over and I’m back home preparing to move. That will happen at the end of this week. Promptly after moving I’ll start one of my part-time jobs. I’m still in the process of searching out a second. Camp NaNo was a flop this year. I got some writing done, but not anywhere near what I’d hoped to do. Oh well. That said,  my classes (for school) will be in full swing so blogging will slow down for a while. Likely, I will only be able to post twice a month at most–however, I will attempt to do better.

That said,  my classes (for school) will be in full swing so blogging will slow down for a while. Likely, I will only be able to post twice a month at most–however, I will attempt to do better.




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