Book Review: Broken Arrow

To all my beautiful people,

It makes me supremely proud to have the chance to review this book for you.

Not often do I get the chance to read ARC copies for up and coming authors. When those copies are the first book in a series, it’s common for me to read one, enjoy it, and never read the rest.

However, I’ve recently read a book for a young friend and I must say that it’s something that I would be interested in reading again, as well as having the opportunity to read its sequels.

This book was written by a young lady on my writing forum, Neverland. Because of this, I’m excited to share this with you.

I recently posted concerning the importance of being involved with other writers and the opportunities doing gives you. For me, that opportunity is getting the chance to see young authors make their way in the world–and to read really great books. Obviously.


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