Writing 101: This is You

To all my beautiful people,

A song brought this article on. A song that I think every writer needs to take to heart. And so I’ll leave it here for you.

I always say I’m going to blog more often. I set goals for myself for bi-weekly, once a month, and it generally just happens once in a blue moon when I’m feeling like saying something important to an audience outside myself.

I also realized currently that perhaps I blog out of a fear. I think I fear that I won’t have readers that care about my work or a platform to work off of if I ever tried to publish something. I think I also have a fear of becoming irrelevant in this world–that what I say in these articles, in the pages of my writing, may only have meaning to me.

Perhaps I’m right. Perhaps I’m not. I’m not really searching out validation of either idea right now. I think perhaps I am searching for something within myself–something that is more steadfast than the simple fleeting inspirations that come and go. I’m searching for that part of myself that used to live and breathe writing, that was incomplete without it. Because I know it’s there inside me, but there are a lot of fears and inadequacies that cover it up.

These are the things I’ve been thinking about in this new year. And I think that perhaps there are others that face these same thoughts as well. Perhaps. If not, maybe I’m the only one. But at least in having written what I am going to write today the words will be in the open for those who need them now and in the future.

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