Darkest Night: Holiday Guest Post

To all my beautiful people,

Sh. I know it’s late. Don’t remind me. Keep the Christmas spirit alive, you humbugs.

Anyway, so. I was hosting a contest on my writers’ forum, Neverland, along with a few other people. The contest was themed so that each story had to be written about a writer’s characters celebrating Christmas. And if they didn’t celebrate Christmas it needed to be about what they celebrated instead, or about what they chose not to celebrate.

That said, one of the prizes was for the winner’s piece to be posted on this blog. This talented author is one you’ve seen before. She won the Summer 2017 blog contest in Fiction. Both pieces of fiction show excellent taste and worldbuilding skills.

On this blog, you will be able to read an excerpt of the winning Christmas short story, Darkest Night. The rest can be read at her blog, if you wish to do so. A link will be included at the end of the article for you to read it there.

Before you read this excerpt, let me tell you a little about this author (who recently changed her pseudonym) and the background of this piece so that everything makes sense:

Rachel Brandt is an author for a variety of speculative fiction pieces, particularly fantasy, horror, and realistic fiction with supernatural elements. This particular short story, Darkest Night, is set in the same world as one of her upcoming novel projects, Bone Chills, which is a middle grade portal fantasy about a girl who finds herself in a world of eternal winter surrounded by both undead creatures and beastmen. You can read the full short story over on the author’s blog Dreaming Vicariously, along with some of her other writing, opinions/reviews on different pieces of media, and essays or posts about her thoughts on writing and storytelling as a craft and other things along those lines.

Therefore, without further ado: Darkest Night.


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