Author Interview: Thoughts on Marketing and Publishing With Isabella Morganthal

To all my beautiful peoples,

I keep saying things about blogging more often and whatnot and then life and NaNo and school and work and…things. That said, at least NaNo was a success. In the month of November, I managed to write over 100,000 words, primarily a novel but also other things.

That said, I’m about to post a long awaited article on publishing and marketing with a very talented young lady as my interviewee. This young lady’s name is Isabella Morganthal. You can find out more about here using the biography she included at the bottom of this interview, as well as contact her (which I highly encourage because she’s an inspirational young author) in many areas including fiction and non-fiction.

That said, I don’t want to waste any more of your time. Without further ado, I present this lengthy interview with Isabella Morganthal on the adventures of marketing, publishing, and other writery things. Enjoy!


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