Writing 101: Slay Your Dragons (With Belly Rubs Because They’re Cute.)

NOTE: I wrote this at like 12am-1am. It’s obvious.

To all my beautiful people:

There are normal people, there are normal writers, there are other writers, and then there’s me. What does this general statement have to do with anything?

It has to do with this week’s blog post request. I received two. One was for something on description or on writer’s block. The second was for dragons.

Of course, most people would go “what the heck am I supposed to do with that?”. I am that person. Until Creative C.S. Taylor kicks in. Then, this happens.


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Writing 101: Character Development

To all my beautiful people:

I have found my way to Iowa. And no, I didn’t get lost or die along the way. (Which yes, if you ask my father, is a miracle of God.) I’ve settled in and begun one new part-time job that I absolutely love.

I’m working with special needs and gifted children for a tutoring service, strictly tutoring in writing, reading, and study skills. There are two really nice girls that I’ve been working with as well. (Why are elementary education students so nice??? Maybe that’s why kids love them.)

Anyway, school is back in full swing, so likely my posts will become a little more infrequent. I’m hoping to be able to post at least bi-weekly. However, I have promised myself that I WILL post at least once a month.

I promise that this article will be useful, but first I want to pass along an idea to all of you. I’ve considered for a while now doing a serial blog story. Perhaps on this blog, or perhaps one that I’ll link to it. Is that something that you, as an audience, would like to see? Or is there a type of article that I’ve done in the past (or a topic you want to be explored) that you would like to see me do more of in the future?

I would sincerely love to have your feedback, as that’s what helps me keep this blog going. (Despite some people’s opinions, I do not inhale and exhale creativity. I depend on prompting and inspiration and deadlines just like the rest of humanity.) That said, if you have thoughts on a serial story or future articles, please either email me at nevermoreemergingflame@gmail.com or post in the comments below.

That said, without further ado, I’ll get to my general point for this article and stop wasting your precious time. 😛


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