Book Review: I Capture the Castle

To all my beautiful people:

It struck me as I pulled up this page to write that I’ve grown this sort of “blogging intuition.” I’ve gotten to the point where my brain doesn’t keep track, but somehow I subconsciously feel when it’s time for me to blog again.

Literally, the last several times I’ve blogged I always end up pulling up the stats page to do so on the sixth day since I last blogged. I suppose that’s either a blessing or a curse depending on how you look at it.

And honestly, sitting here and typing I don’t really know what I’m going to blog about yet. Therefore, I’ll probably just…go with it, as they say. Maybe this will be a blog post about nothing in particular. Who knows.

I suppose I need to give you all a brief life update. School residency is over and I’m back home preparing to move. That will happen at the end of this week. Promptly after moving I’ll start one of my part-time jobs. I’m still in the process of searching out a second. Camp NaNo was a flop this year. I got some writing done, but not anywhere near what I’d hoped to do. Oh well. That said,  my classes (for school) will be in full swing so blogging will slow down for a while. Likely, I will only be able to post twice a month at most–however, I will attempt to do better.

That said,  my classes (for school) will be in full swing so blogging will slow down for a while. Likely, I will only be able to post twice a month at most–however, I will attempt to do better.




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2017 Contest Winner: Non-fiction

To all my beautiful people:

For once, I don’t have a big to-do with which to open this. Right now, I’m at school so life is busier than I’d intended and NaNo is a flop. Go figure, right? Anyway, that said, I’m really excited to share this piece with you. I think it’s an incredible, highly impactful read and an incredible piece of non-fiction.

Before I do post it for you though, I suppose I should introduce the author a bit. Rissalyn Bard is one of the original followers of this blog. She an incredible writer, and managed to submit something every category in this contest. (Some of which you may see excerpts of later on.) Anyway, for this piece she used a prompt called “Words we [Never] Should’ve Left Unsaid” to create this vivid and moving piece of artwork.

To tell you a bit about the author, she has provided this short bio for you: Rissalyn Bard is a recent college graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in English Writing from Lee University. Her career interests lie in library science and the publishing industry, and she is working on fictional novels in a wide variety of genres.

This said, without wasting anymore of your valuable time, I present to you our interview and winning Non-Fiction entry by the beloved author, Rissalyn Bard.

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2017 Contest Winner: Fiction

To all my beautiful people:

In short, I will post the fiction contest winner below. Yay. And next week, I will post the non-fiction winner. After that I’ll start producing original content again, as well as showing a few pieces from those who were not winners. Anyway, if you have suggestions for any articles, now is the time to send them! I really appreciate feedback from all of you.

Well, before I get started, I think this blog thing is catching. In the last month, I’ve had the pleasure of helping three wonderful young people start their own blogs. It’s been a very pleasing experience, and to help them I want to share those links with you. (One of them is belonging to our very own Gracie Rose.)

The first blog is that of one JJ Hallam. His blog can be found at this link. Primarily it covers issues of literature and history and current events which all cross over into each other. There are several very enjoyable articles there for anyone interested in more analytical writing.

The second blog is that of our darling Gracie Rose. Her blog can be located at this link. It’s  titled dear Gracie Rose. On it you will find everything from general thoughts to new poetry and advice on life, writing, and many other things. I highly encourage you to read pieces from this blog as they are always enjoyable.

The third blog is that of one Lanee. Her blog can be located at this link. While she doesn’t have any current articles up and the blog is in a state of being fixed up (because she literally just started it last night), she has a plethora of new and fun ideas that she’ll be posting in the near future, so I would keep an eye on this one. (She would be so pleased that I used the word plethora.)

Please take a look around these blogs. These are new authors, but they all have lots of promise, and I find it encouraging to see them stretching their wings to try new avenues of writing. Let’s support them in their endeavors, just as they have supported fellow bloggers in the past. 🙂

Before I go into our contest winner’s piece, I’ll give you a little background information. There was an almost tie in the fiction division, and I was hard pressed to choose a winner. (Mostly by myself.) That said, “Broken Soul” was the only piece submitted by Vera Aisling. It’s a short story based off of two characters from a longer piece she’s writing titled “Demon’s Lullaby.” “Broken Soul” is its prologue of sorts.


To tell you a little bit about Vera, she kindly sent us the below bio (which includes some links to more amazing blogs, guys! Especially Of Beauty and Rage, which is a story based blog. <3)

Vera Aisling writes comedic fantasy, psychological horror, and slice of life stories about faith and other hard aspects of life. She has an obsession with vampires and angels. You can read more of her stuff on her personal blog Shadows in the Corner, or her collab angel series blog Of Beauty and Rage.

That said, without further ado, I will now present our fiction winner for the 2017 Summer Contest!


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Contest Winner: Poetry

To all my beautiful people:

First off, something I didn’t know. Happy Birthday to Romantic Typewriter Gardens! Yay. Okay. So yes, apparently one year ago today this blog was started. And now look where we are. Hosting contests and rambling on and on about nothing and something…oh look, squirrel.

Anyway, second off, today I’m going to post for your enjoyment one of the winners of the Summer 2017 Contest. Today, I will be posting the winner of the poetry division. This poem is called “I Had A Dream” by Gracie Rose. (Speaking of, I recently got to see her–after the contest–perform this poem as a slam in front of an audience. Delightful performance.)

To give you a little bit of information prior to the poem, you should know that she sent in two poems and a short story. While her short story and other poem didn’t place, both of them were also delightful reads. (This was also one of her first experiences with submitting fiction, so I’m very proud of her!)

And to tell you a bit about her, she sent along this short bio: “I am a traveler, a young one of only eighteen, but I was raised in European countries before settling in the countryside of Kansas, making Tipton my hometown. I’ll do anything as a creative outlet, whether it is calligraphy, dancing, painting, or piano playing. I am pleased by the littlest things, almost like a child. I write poetry mostly. I have been writing poetry since 6th grade. I like to dip into short stories when I feel adventurous. My favorite book is normally the last one I read, therefore it changes quite frequently. I will be attending San Diego State University to further my knowledge as a writer and further my taste for traveling.”

So, dears, I hope you enjoy her poem and interview below!

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Summer Contest 2017: Results and Stalling

To all my beautiful people:

First off, this is about contest results. Second off, it’s an update on life and things. I’ll be posting a little scene of my own work below, and I’d love to hear what your thoughts are. There are several reasons for this.

1) I’m stuck on this dumb story and have been all summer and my brain just wants to trash it but I have issues with not finishing things.

2) I’m going to be starting a search for new beta readers for several projects soon (in various genres), so if you’re interested, let me know.

3) I am considering starting a short story serial adventure at some point on this blog so if that sounds fun, let me know.

At the bottom, you will happily find the results of the contest for this summer of 2017. That said, please check your emails for prizes and short interviews, as well as possible requests to later post your work on this blog.



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Writing 101: The Importance of Entering Contests

To all my lovely peoples,

For starters, no this isn’t a jab at people not entering the contest. 😛 Just to make that clear. This is an encouragement to writers in general. And an information dump on contests.

The contest is officially closed as of midnight tonight, July 2, 2017. I hope to have judging finished this week. However, with life being life, I fear you must bear with me and be patient. My sister informs me that we have quite a few entries, and I’m super excited to read them all. Not excited to have to pick between them. *massive dramatic sigh*

That said, this article is going to be about why entering contests is important to a writer’s career. I hope that it is informative to each of you.


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