INTJ Survival Guide: Love and Romance

To all my lovely people,

Oh look. That thought that makes all INTJs shudder. Romance. Help me remember to find plenty of synonyms for that word, because even reading it makes me feel like vomiting inside. Yeah. Okay.

That aside, it’s a common misconception that INTJs are not romantic people, don’t like displays of romanticism, and can’t function well in romantic relationships. I would disagree with all of these statements.


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Writing 101: Dusty Books

To all my beautiful people,

Well, today is one of thse days. The day when I sit down and start scanning through idea lists and old projects to try and decide what I want to write now that my current project is at some sort of stand still.

Therefore, I wanted to share some thoughts with you about writing, as well as some of the projects I might be writing in the near future. I wouldĀ love to have your thoughts on the various projects, because I adore my readers. Most of the time anyway. šŸ˜‰


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Liebster Award

To all my beautiful people,

So generally I don’t really do blog posts filled with random information. However, my brain decided I would do this. Therefore, I am. Aside of that, I figured my few friends might enjoy knowing little random facts about myself. And if that’s the case, maybe I’ll take random questions and do another of these type of blog articles once and a while. We’ll see.

HeidiĀ Salzman is the one who tagged me and made me aware of this. Therefore, props to her. I suggest you all check out her blog because I really enjoy reading it. Her articles are short, sweet, to the point, and very engaging/intellectually enjoyable.


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INTJ Survival Guide: Road Trips

To all my beautiful people,

As an INTJ, I have come to realize that some people in the world really suck at understanding and working with INTJs. You know what? That’s totally okay.

I think that this occurs because of several reasons. First, INTJsĀ can be (in general) difficult to get along with because we have very little empathy (unless we train ourselves to have it) and because we don’t put up with other people’s excuse and crap. Secondly, many people find that INTJs can be the rarest type. However, they’re also the personality type whom is quickest to try to keep people from understanding how they work.

We’re a rare and sometimes intimidating breed, and I think that most of us realize that. (Some of us even rather like that.)

Therefore, this article is going to be basically all about dealing with an INTJ in a cramped quarters without causing them (or yourself) to go insane.


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